Super Parent Program

Up to a challenge? Lots of spare time? Empty nester? Currently fostering and need more support? Like working from home? Have a BIG heart?

Emotionally satisfying and financially worthwhile.
Seeking educators, first responders, and medical skill sets applicants (para’s, nurse aides, teachers).

Contact us for details and any questions.

Do you have the skill set to be a CALM Super Parent?

Support for children with complex needs. Children diagnosed with non-verbal autism or on the autism spectrum, medically fragile, genetic disorders, behavioral, developmentally delayed, cognitive delayed.

Why should you consider becoming a Super Parent?

The extra care provided by CALM Super Parents truly makes a difference in a child’s quality of life and ability to survive. Super Parents accept a heroic challenge, and in return, the team at CALM provides heroic support inclusive of:

  •  A dedicated CALM Bonus Social Worker who will intensely support families (biological, kinship, and foster) and who is trained to work with children with complex needs
  • Access to your CALM Bonus Social Worker 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Ongoing training and education
  • Tax-free financial support so you can focus on being a parent
  • Reimbursements per state guidelines